The China (Beijing) International Lock & Security Products Exhibition 2018

Information of the exhibition
Exhibition name: The China (Beijing) International Lock & Security Products Exhibition 2018
Exhibition date: From 28th to 30th June, 2018
Exhibition venue: Beijing Yichuang International Exhibition Center

Organizer: China Electronic Information Industry Association
Contractor: Te Ou Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Duande Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Ranges of exhibits
Electronic locks
Smart locks, fingerprint locks, electronic door locks, magnetic card locks, IC card locks, sensor locks, digital locks, sound locks, face recognition, etc.
mechanical locks
Fireproof door locks, spherical door locks, mortice door locks, luggage locks, cam locks, furniture locks, safety chains (pins), various padlocks and keys.
Vehicle Locks
All kinds of car locks, motorcycle locks, bicycle locks, all kinds of anti-theft locks for parking spaces and locks with special specifications.
Lock parts and related technical equipment
Door and window hardware, furniture hardware, lock and key production technology and equipment, etc.
Security product
Alarm systems, anti-theft systems, doorbells, intercom systems, monitoring systems and related accessories, safes, digital products and information security systems.

Lists of exhibitors
Blossom Lock
Gaoli Lock
Zhongli Group
Wushi Locks

The topic of The China (Beijing) International Lock & Security Products Exhibition 2018 is good locks securing future, focusing on global lock product innovation, accelerating the development of the lock industry and promoting intellectualization of the traditional lock. In order to achieve the purpose of trades, technical exchanges, cooperation and promotions of this exhibition, the organizer enriches the supporting activities of the Beijing International Lock & Security Exhibition 2018. The organizer well organizes a series of important activities and establishes an exchange and cooperation platform with good perspectives and technology. The comprehensive promotion strategy of the exhibition makes exhibitors effectively explore China and even international markets, creating more opportunities to consult with the target buyers. The organizer integrates industrial resources and provides companies with an international, professional and high-quality platform for communication, negotiation, trading and cooperation by its rich experience in international exhibitions.

The China (Beijing) International Lock & Security Products Exhibition 2018