Awarding Ceremony

On 5th June, 2016, Topper Cam Locks Manufacturer held an awarding ceremony for those who performed outstandingly in their jobs during the past five or ten years in the company. 

The ceremony began with our CEO Mr. Lin's speech. He thanked us for the contribution we've made. And pointed out that he would spend more time managing the business, creating a the most prosperous future for all of us. 

Those who get awards were very excited. They thanked Topper Cam Locks who offered the opportunities for them, sharing their experience in the company, how they went step by step from the production line to the management level. 

Most of those who work in Topper Cam Locks for 5 years or 10 years are couples or families. They spend their time and energy in Topper Cam Locks. They said they loved Topper Cam Locks, a company that they felt at home and could make their life better under their hard work. They will continue to work harder.
Topper Cam Locks is a company deserves to work with, our mission statement is "make our staff happy & customers satisfied". Welcome to work with us!