How to Maintain Cam Lock?

The followings are the tips for maintenance of cam lock:
1. During daily utilization, had better to hold handle and screw spring bolt into body. Then, loose hand after closing door. The door should not be hit by force,
otherwise service life of cam lock will be reduced. The lock and handle cannot be wiped by using wet cloth, because some locks made of metal materials will rust; clad
layer on locks made of alloy materials will be wear off, which will be not beautiful any more.

2. Lubricant agents should be kept on rotating part of lock, maintaining smooth rotation and extending service life. The lock should be inspected for once in half of a
year or one year. Meanwhile, check whether fasting screw is loosen or not, ensuring that it is fastened.

3. During the application of cylinder, when key is not inserted and extracted smoothly, a few of graphite powders or pencil powders can be injected into slot of
cylinder so that key can be inserted and extracted smoothly. However, other oils cannot be used as lubricant agents in case of grease pasting billiard spring which
cause that cylinder cannot be rotated or opened.

4. For cam lock, tolerance clearance of cylinder and locking plate should be checked frequently. The coordination of height between spring bolt and hole of locking
plate is appropriate or not. The best tolerance clearance between door and door frame is 1.5-2.5mm. If the tolerance clearance is changed, location of hinge on door or
locking plate should be adjusted.

5. When cam lock is normally used, if there is dirt on lock, the dirt can be cleaned up by using dry cloth. The lock cannot be wiped by using cleanser essence and
other chemicals, or else, protective film on exposed parts will be destructed, leading to discoloration.

6. When main spring bolt or safety spring tongue, it cannot be hit vigorously, avoiding spring bolt or door frame being damaged, because sealing strip is installed
between door and door frame, having elastic force, so, when opening lock by handle or key is tight, the door can be pull or pushed by hand when opening door to
overcome the elastic force, in case of handle or key being broken.

How to Maintain Cam Lock?